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Verify ICTS

ICTS Tracing Services is a wholly-owned member of the ICTS Group of Companies.  ICTS (Pty) Ltd is a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP), governed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). 

The FSCA has received numerous tip-offs that several organisations and/or individuals operate a so-called “financial claiming agent” or "tracing agents" for beneficiaries of unclaimed benefits. In particular it has been reported that: 


  • Consultation fees are charged to any person who seeks their help in claiming a benefit;

  • Claimants are misled that these imposters have direct access to the information regarding their fund credit; and

  • They work for the Financial Services Board or are a registered and approved tracing agent.​

It has also been reported to the FSCA that some of these agents:


  • Have different administrator's forms;

  • Inform members of an exact benefit due to them; 

  • Provide members with a confirmation letter of their claim.

To verify that ICTS (Pty) Limited is a registered financial services provider under Licence Number 25820, you can visit the FSCA website and search for ICTS.

FSCA contact information for queries relating to unclaimed benefits or for reporting unlawful conduct or unfair treatment in relation to pension funds and provident funds.

Call Centre numbers:        

0800 20 2087 | 0800 110 443


012 428 8000    

Fax numbers:                     

012 367 7204  | 012 3466941

Anonymous Fraud and Ethics tip offs hot-line
0800 31 36 26

Postal address:        

P.O. Box 35655, 
Menlo Park, 
Pretoria, 0081

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