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How do I know that ICTS Tracing Services is not a scam?

• The tracing agent will let you know that the call is recorded. • You can contact the fund or administrator to verify the legitimacy of the trace. • You can visit our website. • ICTS Tracing Services is part of the ICTS Group of Companies and ICTS is a registered financial services provider. • You can verify ICTS on the FSCA website. • ICTS FSP number is 25820 • You can contact our head of Customer Services Elizabeth Kumbemba on 087 330 5616 who has a team of dedicated administrators to assist with your queries.

What does ICTS Tracing Services do?

ICTS Tracing Services is a specialised company operating predominantly in the retirement fund industry that traces unclaimed benefits for retirement funds.

What is an unclaimed benefit?

Any contribution that is saved in a pension or provident fund for your retirement always belongs to you. It doesn't matter how big or small your savings balance in a fund is, if you leave the fund that money can only be paid to you. If a member does not claim their fund benefit when they leave the fund, the fund keeps it safe until they do come forward to collect it. An unclaimed benefit is a benefit where the member's last date of employment and their reason for leaving the fund are known, but the benefit has not been claimed by or paid to the member (or the beneficiary) within 24 months.

The most common reasons that a fund is not able to pay out a benefit are: • Claim forms are not filled in correctly when the member leaves the fund. • Members haven't updated their contact information with the fund. When the member leaves the employer that he or she works for, the fund needs to contact them directly to arrange to pay the benefit. If the fund does not have the correct contact details, they can't take the necessary steps to pay the benefit. • Members have tax problems with SARS and their benefits can't be paid. • Members have not told their families about the fund's death benefits or updated their nomination forms with the correct contact details for their beneficiaries. If the member passes away, family members will not know that there is a benefit due to them. And if the fund has no contact details for the family, it makes it very difficult to process the claim. • Beneficiaries may not keep their contact details updated. Once a family member is due a payment of a death benefit from a fund, they need to keep their contact details up to date with the fund. • Members may not know that there is a benefit due to them when they leave their employer. Many working people don't know that they have a retirement fund, or in what situations the benefits of that fund will be paid to them. They may simply be unaware of the benefit due to them. • The fund is not able to trace members who have left. Where members have belonged to the same fund for many years, or the fund has been through many changes, the member information might be old and out of date. This makes tracing members to pay them their benefits very difficult. • The fund may have distributed a surplus or extra money. When deciding how to pay out a surplus, the fund often needs to go back in its history and include members who left many years before the surplus distribution date. The fund will probably not have the information they need to contact those members or to be able to trace them. Until those members can be found, they can't be paid.

Why are there unclaimed benefits in retirement funds?

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) is very active in making sure that members receive all the benefits that are due to them. Funds must make every effort to trace these members and, if they can't be found, transfer these benefits to an Unclaimed Benefit Fund (UBF). In this UBF regular tracing must be done in a genuine attempt to pay out these benefits.

What can be done about unclaimed benefits?

Documents required are, a completed claim form, certified copy of your ID, proof of banking details, a tax number and proof of employment.

What documentation do I need to claim?

How long does the payment process take?

The payments process can take approximately 2-3 months.

Can I visit your offices?

You are most welcome to visit our offices. Should you wish to do so our address is Block D, Country Club Estate Office Park, 21 Woodlands Dr, Woodmead, Sandton, 2080

The fund requires these documents for verification purposes to verify who you are and ensure that they are paying the correct person.

Why do you need all these personal documents?

Yes, you can request the fund administrator's details from the agent assisting you. This will ensure that you get the details for the correct department enabling you to receive accurate feedback.

Can I call the fund to confirm if you are legitimate?

What do I do if I have a query?

You can get hold of us via WhatsApp, email, SMS, or telephonically. WhatsApp – 072 605 9161 Email - SMS - Telephonically - 087 330 5627

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