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Conducting a successful trace (the ICTS Tracing Services process)



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Member contact and validation tracing

Member contact and validation tracing with documentation

Investigative tracing

Investigative tracing with document collation

Confirmation of death

Bank verifications

Limited Section 37c death benefit investigations

Data enhancing

Tracing services offered     

How you will benefit

Key ICTS Tracing features

The ICTS Tracing Team 
Having processed over 2 million traces since 2008, the team of approximately 60 people conducts business in all the 11 official languages of South Africa.

Success Rates and Turnaround Times
ICTS delivers an exceptional success rate in terms of tracing and document collection.  Turn-around times vary on a case to case basis but the majority of cases are completed within 10 working days.

Having the ability to trace both domestically and internationally, with tracing capabilities extending into the rural areas of South Africa and SADC region.  ICTS also has established its own informal network that enables its' team to trace beneficiaries that are not credit active.

Use of Technology
ICTS uses a modern telephony and call centre capability with a proprietary operating system to facilitate its tracing processes.

Verified Documentation
ICTS provides the client with a set of validated 'ready to pay' documents.

Level 2 B-BBEE accredited
ICTS is a Level 2 B-BBEE accredited provider, allowing for 125% of the spend on tracing services to be recognised by clients for purposes of their own scorecard.

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Reduce operational costs and risks
Reduce the costs and risks you'd incur in having to deal with complicated traces.

Assume variable costs 
Rather adopt a variable cost strategy by outsourcing on a case by case or project basis.

Gain access to reliable reporting
All parties are kept abreast of tracing progress through detailed monthly reports and feedback meetings.

If you are an Administrator/ Employee Benefits Consultant/ Insurer:
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If you are a Retirement Fund/Share Scheme:

Help past employees and their families
Ensure that your past employees/members receive the funds that are due to them, thereby having a meaningful impact on their lives and that of their families.

Reduce your unclaimed benefits
Meet FSCA requirements by seeking to constantly reduce the amount of unclaimed benefits in a fund.

Resolve more cases, more quickly
Reduce your administrative burden by having a greater number of successful traces in as short a time as possible.

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