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Welcome to ICTS Tracing Services

Committed to ensuring the rightful owners of benefits from retirement funds, insurance policies, medical and share schemes receive the money owed to them.

“Unclaimed retirement fund benefits of over R47 billion and unclaimed insurance and investment assets of about R34 billion as at the end of 2021” 

Source: the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA).

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ICTS Tracing Services has won numerous awards and processed in excess of 2 million traces (since 2008).  ICTS is a top tracing provider given its experience, state-of-the-art call centre, unique technology and a staff complement of approximately 60 highly trained agents, speaking multiple languages.  ICTS has embraced Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) & Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) and they are fully embedded in its company culture.  

15 years in business

More than 2 million traces

60 staff members

11 official languages spoken

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The Tracing Challenge

The challenge faced in tracing former members of retirement funds or share schemes etc, primarily stems from the lack of up-to-date contact information and the complexity of tracking individuals who may have changed residences or personal details over time. When individuals contribute to retirement funds, they typically provide their contact information such as their current address, phone number, and email address.


However, as people transition through different life stages, they may relocate, change jobs, or update their contact details without informing their retirement fund provider.


Some specific challenges faced in tracing individuals include:






Outdated information/name changes

Limited co-operation due to trust concerns

Fear of identity theft/fraud

Incomplete documentation

Nomadic workers

These challenges are exacerbated in a country such as South Africa where reaching people in rural areas, emigration, the number of official languages spoken and prevalence of fraudulent schemes can make tracing a challenging endeavour.

Hesitant to share your personal information?

ICTS Tracing Services contact thousands of members to help them in accessing their unclaimed benefits. Often these members are unaware that they are due these benefits.  They can be understandably suspicious of these to trace them.

This link allows you to verify that ICTS Tracing Services is a reputable financial services firm governed by the rules and regulations of the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA). 

If you a retirement fund, administrator or life company looking for a quotation...

If you would like to verify that ICTS is a legitimate company...

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This is what some of our customers and beneficiaries have had to say...

From customers

Marilyn Kemp | Robson Savage

“Dear ICTS. You came highly recommended and we appointed you to trace on a basic level, on a high level and deceased member dependants who still had money owing to them from the XXXXX National Provident Fund, some dating back many years. You did not disappoint. The fund’s unclaimed membership has reduced drastically. The fund’s experience with ICTS has been very rewarding and professional from initial contact, to the actual trace (we had no issues with members being confused) to the actual provision of data so that we could pay the members / beneficiaries right up to the billing for payment. You also accommodated our specific requirements when requested to do so. The fee paid was worth the result achieved for the fund. We look forward to a continued fulfilling relationship with you. Thank you.”

Ya'eesh Khan | Technical Support Specialist, Old Mutual Group Retirement Solutions (GRS)

“ICTS is an approved Tracing Service Provider undertaking tracing of members in the Unclaimed Benefit Fund. In the years that they have been providing tracing services they have always shown excellent service and met all targets set. They strive for success and show utmost professionalism when assisting the members once traced. We look forward to the continued successful relationship between Old Mutual and ICTS.”

D. Hattingh | Principal Officer, The Building Industry Bargaining Council

“Over the course of our collaboration, ICTS has consistently demonstrated a remarkable level of effectiveness in their field. Their commitment to delivering high quality services, combined with their attention to detail, has contributed significantly to the success of our projects. One of the key strengths of ICTS is their ability to understand and address our specific needs. They have provided tailored solutions that align perfectly with our objectives. In addition to their technical expertise, have I also been impressed by ICTS’s ethical standards of integrity. They consistently uphold the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality in their work, providing us with peace of mind that our sensitive information is in safe hands. Based on my experience working with ICTS, I have no hesitation in recommending their services to any organisation in need of reliable and efficient tracing. I wish ICTS Tracing Services continued success in their endeavours.”

Ronel Sheehan | Principal Officer |The Electrical Contracting Industry Pension and Provident Funds

“ICTS Tracing Services offers a professional and efficient tracing service to trace former members with unclaimed benefits in our Funds, a difficult task since some of the members left the Funds many years ago.”

Emile Hugo | Principal Officer | Momentum Unclaimed Benefit Preservation Funds, Metlife Booster Fund

“Since the inception of our Unclaimed Benefit Preservation Funds more than a decade ago, ICTS have firmly established itself as the preferred tracing service provider to meet all of our Fund’s holistic tracing needs. Their exceptional service, unwavering commitment, and consistently outstanding results over a number of years have enabled our Funds to successfully deliver on our mandate to members and fulfil our commitments to various stakeholders through ensuring that unclaimed funds are reunited with their rightful recipients. In our experience, ICTS have stablished themselves as the leading tracing service provider in the industry by employing advanced and proprietary tracing techniques which is further underpinned by an extensive and unmatched geographical footprint across the entire South Africa and even beyond its boundaries. Their team of professionals are always available to answer any questions or provide urgent updates on ongoing cases by way of transparent and clear communication which has greatly contributed to our successful and continued partnership with them. We are exceptionally grateful to ICTS for the invaluable service to our Funds and can recommend their services with the greatest confidence and without hesitation. If you're in need of a tracing service provider, look no further than ICTS!”

And from some happy beneficiaries of monies resulting from an ICTS trace:

Theresa Louw

Richard D. Shute Esq.



“I was pleasantly surprised that my brother was located after years of being ‘off the grid.’ Speaking with the consultant I was pleasantly relieved and assured by the ease of information they provided, the effective and efficient service of commitment put in to ensure that all information is correct, as well as the effort to help you when you’re unable to do so. What an amazing service to help you get to your finances.”

"ICTS handled my affair with ultra professionalism, efficiency, speed and welcoming demeanour. My experience with them was uplifting, and the outcome advantageous. A level above the others I've been with."

“I want to thank you for attending to me with such professionalism and speed. Thank you for the information and I look forward to getting that contact information.”

“I would like to take this time in thanking you so much for all you've done for me (may you be blessed 10x over). This is what you help me do: • Buy my wife a present for mother’s day. • Buy some food at home • Buy school uniforms for my children • Pay offering in church (which I haven't done in a long time) • And most off all (some cash) to help me to go around looking for employment.”

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ICTS Tracing Services management team

David Weil



Warren Bishop

Head of Tracing Services

Elizabeth Kumbemba
Head of Customer Services


Revlon Selotole

Head of Marketing


Dorah Ramare
Call Centre Manager

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Reg No. 2008/008464/07

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