Tracing & Document Services

ICTS Tracing & Document Collation Process (Level 1 & 2)​

* Blocks indicates process phases
* Circles are begin & end points
* The above process applies to both Level 1 & 2 Tracing

Data Enhancing

  • The current details of members and former members that are traced electronically

Member Tracing

  • This is often referred to as "Desktop Tracing" 

  • Members are located through a data-matching process

  • Members traced are validated through telephonic confirmation

Document Collection and Collation

  • This is often referred to as a "Ready to pay document" 

  • Documents are requested from the member following telephonic contact

  • Once documents are collected they are assessed to ensure compliance with administrators requirements

  • Once finalised, documents are delivered either electronically or by hand

Investigative Tracing

  • This process is undertaken when a desktop trace is unsuccessful and would require written authorisation

  • This service is also utilised when members are deceased and family members are required to be traced

  • This method of tracing is more intensive and requires the skills of an investigator to locate a member or beneficiary

  • A document collection and collation process is undertaken following the successful trace of a member or beneficiary

Verification of deceased

  • The first process in a tracing exercise is to establish confirmation of the members existence

  • Should a member or beneficiary be deceased, a date of death is confirmed

Bank account verification

  • This service confirms the validity of a member or beneficiary's bank account details

Administration & Reconciliation

  • All successful documents received are compiled and attached to a spreadsheet ready to be sent to the Client either electronically or in hard copy.​

  • Payment of services are only on a success basis

Client Reports

  • Comprehensive / Detailed report compiled and sent to Client as requested.​


Member & Beneficiary Payment Service

Payment service

  • This service follows on from a successful trace and document collection and provides clients an end-to-end service

  • This payment process ensures that members and beneficiaries are paid timeously without delays

  • This adds an important element of efficiency in terms of time taken to pay a member or beneficiary

  • The process flow below outlines the steps taken in a successful payment

* Blocks indicates process phases

* Circles are begin & end points

* The above processes takes place within the Client’s Administrative System for the exception of the AHV process, which will be done within ICTS framework

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