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Once an employee pays a contribution, however small, into a retirement fund it is the duty of the trustees to ensure that, when and should the member leave the fund, the individualís fund benefit is always available for collection. Trustees are often faced with members who have left employment but who cannot be located to take their money out of the retirement fund, or members who may be due top-up payments from the fund for a variety of reasons, like a surplus apportionment exercise. Finding these people can prove problematic. This introduces an administrative complexity in the fund and often results in the active members bearing the cost of administering these unclaimed moneys.

ICTS Tracing Services is a specialised tracing company committed to helping trustees to:
  • Locate former members who may be due any surplus allocations from a surplus apportionment exercise.
  • Trace any beneficiaries who have been identified by the trustees in terms of Section 37C of the Pension Funds Act.
  • Fulfil the minimum requirements in terms of tracing unclaimed benefits before transferring them into an unclaimed benefit fund.
ICTS Tracing Services is a dynamic organisation offering both trustees and administrators of retirement funds a superior service in the tracing arena. Our collection and tracing methodology is tried and tested and we have enjoyed excellent success rates for our clients.
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